Communication and the Use of LLMs in Motorsports

During his tenure at Arrows Grand Prix in 1999, the author used genetic algorithms to enhance F1 cars’ performance, a pioneering move at a time of limited computing power. Moving to McLaren, he considered implementing an ‘on-prem’ Google server to harness the team’s vast ’embedded knowledge.’ Experiencing communication difficulties at the Super Aguri team, he experimented with relocating pitwall engineering and exploring texting for in-car communication. Owing to computing advancements, machine learning has evolved, with tools like ChatGPT facilitating enhanced race communications and decision-making based on a data-informed ‘prompt engineering.’

Autonomy: The future of motorsport and personal travel

Autonomous technology has the power to redefine driving, both on the race track and in our daily lives, states Mark Preston, Team Principal of the Team Aguri Formula E squad Autonomous vehicles have been a regular feature in the headlines over the past year as the technology has been refined and global brands such asContinue reading “Autonomy: The future of motorsport and personal travel”

Winning ways in Buenos Aires

Wow, what a weekend! Amlin Aguri’s first win in the FIA’s first fully electric championship! It is an amazing feeling to get a result after all the work put in by the team over the last three years. “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” Plus it takes a lot of work to start a newContinue reading “Winning ways in Buenos Aires”

Race to the future

A year from now, climate negotiators representing countries worldwide will be in Paris. They hope to finalise international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change. Success will depend heavily on economic policy, and the new technologies to usher in a carbon light world. “Unlike treaties of the past, the Paris agreement needsContinue reading “Race to the future”

Formula E – Car Launch

Momentum is everything in motor racing and the unveiling of the new Formula E race car at the Frankfurt Motor Show shows this exciting series is beginning to gather some serious pace. By all reports electric vehicles (EVs) have been all the rage at the event further indicating the motor industry’s preference to develop eco-friendlyContinue reading “Formula E – Car Launch”

Formtech launches the E1 research concept EV

Formtech created a vision of EV when they launched the E1 atFrankfurt’s IAA Motorshow in September.  The research study provides the base for a number of concepts in lightweighting technology using composites, high-end materials and machining. Formtech’s EV started out as a concept for the companies CEO Franz Hilmer, “I wanted to develop a carContinue reading “Formtech launches the E1 research concept EV”

Randomness and Excitement – Part II

As a follow on to my blog last year where I discussed how randomness drives excitement in F1, the first few races of 2011 certainly provided some interesting racing with KERs, DRS and Pirelli providing a set of variables that the teams have not yet completely mastered. However as I was watching the German GP recently IContinue reading “Randomness and Excitement – Part II”

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