The Motorsports MBA

Making winning a science

Over a long career in motorsports spanning the last 30 years I found that many of the public speaking events that I attended mostly asked questions related to experiences in motorsports and how they related to business.

As a mechanical engineer who studies at Monash University and went on to roles with GM Holden, McLaren Formula One, Arrows Grand Prix I wanted to start my own F1 team and hence went and did an MBA at The University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

Attending The University of Oxford’s Said Business School while starting Super Aguri F1 Team with Honda

The idea of a “Motorsports MBA” was born.

The “Motorsports MBA” by Mark Preston has now been presented to the Said Business School and Oxford Brookes MBA students as well as to a number of sponsors for senior leadership conferences.

As McLaren’s Ron Denis said ““When I came into motor racing so many things were a black art,” “But black art was a cloak for ‘we really don’t know’. It was intuitive engineering. I decided to make it a science. We will develop science to take away uncertainty to make winning a certainty”

The Motorsports MBA, making winning a science, takes lessons from McLaren, Arrows and Super Aguri in Formula One (F1), startups and winning in the world’s first electric motorsport: Formula E.

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