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Mark is available for speaking events in private company events and public conferences.  Mark will speak on disruptive innovation, using principles developed in Formula One and now Formula E to provide real world examples and concepts developed over 25 years working the motorsports industry. Mark often gives bespoke presentation to universities looking to learn more about motorsports, especially focussed in Formula Student and Formula SAE.

Mark can also be booked through Champions public speaking.
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Past Events and Podcasts

Motorsports in the Electric Age

Ep. 50 | AWS VP of Engineering Bill Vass on AI, Quantum Computing, and the Metaverse Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits

While he is currently the VP of Engineering at what is probably the largest computing company in the world, Bill Vass was not always convinced a career in computing was a good option: My primary major was in geology, actually, because I never thought people would actually pay you just to do computers. I always thought it would be using computers for other things. So, I studied marine biology, geology, and computer science. In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, we get to hear from one of the tech gurus at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on topics that include artificial intelligence; machine learning; portable, ruggedized, high-density storage; quantum computing; and explosions. Yes, explosions! Other fun topics include a discussion of Bill’s view of the Metaverse. I won’t give it all away, but it is definitely more than AR/VR goggles and involves everyone’s favorite spy, 007. After you listen to Bill explain how he graphs out his time on his calendar, you will get  some insight into how he has forged such an amazing career. It might even get you to start graphing your own calendar and time usage!  And, be sure to listen to the end for a truly fascinating story about how Star Trek influenced the technology we use every day. Other highlights from this fast-paced episode include: Why it would be fun to visit Bill’s barn A 5-pound snowcone and a 50-pound snowball? The best engineers and coders are also…well, you will have to listen to find out how Bill completes this sentence!
  1. Ep. 50 | AWS VP of Engineering Bill Vass on AI, Quantum Computing, and the Metaverse
  2. Ep. 49 | Driven and Connected, Arm VP Talks Intersection of Automotive and IoT
  3. Ep. 48 | Argo AI’s Hardware VP Talks Autonomous Vehicles and Single Photon Lidar
  4. Ep. 47 | Universal Robots CEO Kim Povlsen on Collaborative Robots for the 98%
  5. Ep. 46 | Microsoft VP Marcus Fontoura on Architecting Azure, the “World’s Computer”
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