Public Speaking

Mark is available for speaking events in private company events and public conferences.  Mark will speak on disruptive innovation, using principles developed in Formula One and now Formula E to provide real world examples and concepts developed over 25 years working the motorsports industry. Mark often gives bespoke presentation to universities looking to learn more about motorsports, especially focussed in Formula Student and Formula SAE.

Mark can also be booked through Champions public speaking.
mark preston efacec lisbon mobi summit

Past Events and Podcasts

Post race interview with Mark Preston at the Berlin ePrix 2020

Ep. 16 | DS TECHEETAH’s Mark Preston Talks Dominance in Formula E Motorsports Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits

What does it take for a motorsport team to win five Formula E championships? And how do automotive companies translate that success into the electric vehicles we drive every day? We’re kicking off Season 2 of Moore’s Lobby with a guest who will be familiar to motorsports fans across Formula 1 and its electric vehicle counterpart, Formula E.  Motorsports are the ultimate proving ground for automotive technologies. When it comes to electric vehicles, no prototyping in the world can match the rigor—and the excitement—of a Formula E race.  Learn about crucial power design aspects in Formula E, including why the engineers have evolved towards using direct drive motors and one battery rather than two. And did you know that the cars must regenerate around 30% of the energy used during a race through regenerative braking, etc.? And that the drivers must trigger it manually at key moments? Hear the details from an expert who has made a career out of blazing trails.
  1. Ep. 16 | DS TECHEETAH’s Mark Preston Talks Dominance in Formula E Motorsports
  2. Don't Miss Season 2 of Moore's Lobby
  3. Ep. 15 | The Emergence of the Virtual Supply Chain in a COVID-19 World
  4. Ep. 14 | Leveraging 5G, AI, and Heterogeneous Computing for Autonomous Robotics
  5. Ep. 13 | How Motorsports Are Accelerating Product Development for Next-Gen Automotive Applications

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