Super Aguri Formula E Tokyo Launch

Mark Preston and Aguri Suzuki
Launch photos for Super Aguri Formula E team in Tokyo.

It is good to be back in the forefront of motorsports with the Super Aguri team again.  We are very much looking forward to the challenges that Formula E is going to throw at us.  Being at the forefront of motorsports technology and developing the technology of the future is exciting.  We believe that there will be a disruptive change that comes in the automotive industry through all of the different technologies coming together to create Mobility as a Service.  Smart phones, urbanisation, congestion and pollution are but some of the drivers.

One thought on “Super Aguri Formula E Tokyo Launch

  1. Congratulations on your involvement in Super Aguri Formula E Team. The series offers the possibility of exciting technical development and the opportunity to influence the acceptance of lower emission vehicles. For the series to succeed, it will need to provide a sufficiently compelling entertainment spectacular to justify the budgets being spent.

    In your musings about Formula 1, you suggest increases the ‘Chaos’ or unpredictability in a race increases the excitement. I agree. What makes racing a sport and not a dry technical exercise is where the actions of your opponents can change the optimum strategy.

    For example: There is a theoretical ideal set up for a Formula E car, on a track, on a day but the car should go further and faster if it is able to draft with another car.

    If Formula E cars are capable of operating is close proximity, both cars will gain an advantage working together. The rear car will gain the greater advantage, going both as fast as the lead car and using less energy.

    The front driver has choices. Run the faster pace, gaining advantage on the rest of the field but not on the car drafting. Run his normal pace gaining a range advantage on the field but not on the car drafting. Slow his pace and try and try and gain the greater advantage by drafting.

    This calculation multiplied by 20 racers could provide lots of ‘Chaos’ and exciting unpredictable racing.

    The 3 sprints separated by 2 mandatory pit stops format does not offer much obvious advantage to the stretching out the pit window but I doubt very much that will be the final format: See


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