Oxford YASA Motors gets funding

After a number of months of planning and fund raising, Oxford YASA Motors has received funding to spin-out of the Univeristy of Oxford.  The initial project started with the Morgan LifeCar and has resulted in a new high torque density motor, very much suited to the new requirements of electric/hybrid vehicles.  The author was part of the team that planned and pitched the business to a number of investors and finally secured the funding recently.


There will doubtless be many new ideas that are generated off the back of this high torque density motors: perhaps with motorsports leading the way.

2 thoughts on “Oxford YASA Motors gets funding

  1. Mark,
    How do your motors performance compare with the Agni, motors in last years winning Isle of Man TT bike?

    1. The Agni motors seem to be pitched at a different segment. The Oxford YASA motor can be seen at http://www.oxfordyasamotors.com/ and the first motors are based on what was developed in the Morgan Lifecar project: about 500Nm at a target weight of around 25kg. Very high power density, should fit nicely with automotive and aerospace applications.

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